HG ( / Sheffield, England)

From Hibernation Wakes

A shroud of blackness wraps around,
as from the cave he peers.
Through sleepy eyes adjusting to the dark.

The bitter winter, icy spikes,
they cover him like snow.
Shards and broken splinters, cold and stark.

He sets off over darkened plain,
ice crunching underfoot.
Starts to stalk his prey with only smell.

Peeking from it's burrow,
it senses danger's near.
Should it hide or wait and risk it's hell.

The smell is getting stronger,
a sighting can't be far.
Its nearly time to break his wintery fast.

But the prey is much too agile,
and bolts before he's close.
escaping being the first fresh tracked down snack.

Heath Gunn

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