(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

From Human Vultures

She has lot more to fear from human vultures
Even though she can’t see but knows enough of culture
Many abuses heard from others and get little scared
But she is determined and not ready to be feared

She has lot of feed backs from parents and elders
She has lot more responsibility than others
She has rich treasure of intact virginity
She has fine touch of purity and divinity

She fears of any kind of touch
This is how she has been fed and taught
I see her wondering in dreamland
She wants someone to be called close friend

She can pick any signal from sentences
It is her on the spot picking sense
She wants to be my real admirer
I see the sense behind and turn her listener

She is afraid of her ordinary look
I give many examples from the books
She is as intelligent as others are
Very bright and little shining star

You can’t read her mind that easily
She holds it back and talks with you readily
There is no stoppage in between conversation
She looks straight and pose enough of questions

She has only one thing to remember
That grandpa has only high regards for her
She is doing exceedingly well in his opinion
He is always blessing her for settlement and union

I did not gave encouragement to her for feeling bad about curse
She was not the only one on earth to face that kind of course
But being at receiving end, she had phenomenal strength
She has perfect beating heart to pick any good length

She has lot more worry about moral values
I had difficult time to convince her for those dues
She must come to real terms with fast moving world
She must secure the line and choose safe fold

She feels emotional torture
Life seems to her not fully secured
I assuage her feeling by saying “Trust Him”
Leave it to His domain and peacefully dream

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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