From Ink To Inklings


From ink to inklings visions flow
to stitch life's tapestry and sow
seeds which obscurity reject
as search for light owes slight respect
to monochromes which seldom show
more than man thinks he needs to know
or throw as viewpoint to reject
the inklings others' inks project.
So when one writes on rags to glow
upon a screen ensure thoughts throw
no jealous shadow yet protect
true principles few should forget.
Concluding couplet signs a smile
to mystic storm's intense sense style.

© Jonathan Robin sonnet written 27 December 2006
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Ink Links Inklings

Ink from inklings flows
weaving tapestry,
understanding grows,
rejecting falsity.

Monochromatic glow’s
innate harmony
kaleidoscopic shows

Image imago
enlightenment bestows,
imagination free.

Impressions’ unity
scorns ambiguity.

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© Jonathan Robin sonnet written 28 December 2008

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by Jonathan ROBIN

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