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From Kennel Or Hearth?

In the bush south of Chapleau
Two stormy portages away,
Stood a Golden Dog 'Brandy'
Under ashen skies grey.

We were hunting for moose
When the dog so peculiar
Got a look in his eye
A look, not all familiar.

You had to know him
Obtained as a pup
And for his 12 years growing
He'd NEVER act up.

A Golden Retriever loving;
Gave his heart, as they do,
Through a divorcing depression
Empathy, always HIS view.

We'd slept wet together
Under a canoe in the snow
Stranded cold at portages
Unable to go.

The dog taught the man
(and his children as infants)
The meaning of steadfast
Long, loving commitments.

So 12 years of friendship
Were tested that day
When the dog turned to the man
And his temper gave way.

He curled his lips
And his fangs were all bared
His hackles were raised
And his nostrils were flared.

He let out a growl,
Low rumbling at first
Then the man and dog stepped
toward each other, & cursed.

A sharp 'Come' and
'The Eye' gave the dog the command
But he just stared so blankly
Never coming to hand.

He walked into the water
The lake above freezing
And swam in big circles
In circles unceasing.

Then back to the beach
And fell to the ground.
And then began seizing
With a terrible sound.

Days from a Vet
His beloved dog lying
Uncontrollably jerking
And frothing and dying?

When the seizures continued
When they wouldn't but cease
The man gripped his gun thinking,
to give his dog peace.

The tears streamed his cheeks
At the thought of this end
Compelled to shoot his companion
His dog & his friend?

Before pulling the trigger
The convulsions did stop
And left the dog there unconscious.
And the man overwrought.

If the torment restarted
The man was resolved
To end the dogs suffering
His conscience absolved.

To have thought the dog angry!
Strayed from loving demeanour
Instead deathly ill
Wishing human sense keener!

To have buried him there?
With the beavers and bogs
Near to the partridge,
Lovely lakes and fall fogs?

The dog's breathing was laboured
In the bow of the boat
Repeatedly howling
Curdling sounds from his throat..

He slept on the truck seat
For a day & a half's ride
The man ruffling his neck fur
As his tears opened wide.

The vet confirmed for him
The worst of his fears
It was a brain cancer
Tolling 12 VERY short years.

A quiet time taken to
To say their goodbyes
To the children and man
Who he'd helped with 'those' eyes.

And few short weeks later,
With the time finally come.
The drugs sealed their parting;
Buried beneath apple and plum.

How much did I love him?
More than I'll tell
Others question my commitment?
THEY can go straight to hell.

Unknowing OUR loving;
Caring for dogs in THEIR way
They think to tell me, my 'dog keeping'
Is 'less'? So THEY say?

The measure of care
Isn't a kennel or home
But the depth of the Dog's LOVE
When with his Master he'd roam.

In those circumstances, could you have pulled the trigger?
I am thankful that I didn't have to!
But weeks later when the time for goodbyes was upon us?
I euthanized him (myself) with Pentothal & Potassium....
and I cried.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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