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From Me To You
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From Me To You

Poem By nisha dyrene

You are my always friend
You see beauty where I see scars
You hold on to me
Like I’m something precious
And have given me million second chances
When I deserved none

You’re the sunshine on my face
That dries my tears
My companion in the night
The shoulder that bears me up
Under the weight of my problems

You see my pride and my foolishness
You see my mistakes and my shame
My fumbling attempts to impress
My conversations, my silence
But for you I would be alone
But for you I would die

You hold me up
You tilt my face
You kiss my cheeks
You dry my tears
Whisper strength in my ear
So that I don’t break

You kept me from tearing into two
You healed my heart
You made me smile
You made me strong
So why do I run from you?
Make me love you please

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