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From Mouths Of Babes
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From Mouths Of Babes

Poem By Ima Ryma

Billy Graham drove into town,
To give a sermon at a church.
Though a reverend of renown,
He always was on the soul search.
This was his first time coming here,
So he asked a lad going by
If Elm Street happened to be near.
He got directions in reply.
He thanked the boy and asked him to
Please attend his sermon tonight,
And hear how to find heaven true.
The boy asked in a tone polite,

'If you don't know where Elm Street is, '
'How can you find heaven, gee whiz? '

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Comments (2)

we search.. and it never gets over.. till we are thrown in the dich searching our way to the other side.. very concise very apt and unmetaphorically unwraps itself...
This is wonderful. (Is that Elm Street as in Nightmare on?) t x