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*** From My Heart ***

My sweet heart seeks refuge
Knitting to your affirmer wools
Escalates desire so profuse
Licking up your morning drools

Whispers of breezy words
Arouse your wants and needs
Easing all the nerds
Pleasing all your pleads

Eye to eye we pledge
The world is not enough
Our feels a rage
The craving so tough

“Dear” and “Darling”
Echoed with sweet serenade
Were they worth a calling?
Or just to contemplate

How to say how I feel
Those three words
Can’t get off the thrills
You’re my Bee and Mocking Bird

When we go to bed
Your odor soaked to mine
Made me awaken till late
Freshening love freshening mind

Swears and promises
We vow God knows
Exchanging hugs and kisses
We groom and glow

When we tie the knot
The smiles beckon
Thanks to the Lord
For the piece of Heaven

The children were the trees
Growing our love
The fruits were our pleas
Be blessed from above

Great Us getting old
The world seems to bow
You and me the threshold
Finest love ever to grow

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hmmm this poem.....lights my eyes like the fireflies glowing above the starry sky....showering a sense of hope....hmm.....this poem puts me at ease.....i can feel the love.....see it with my own eyes.....its a precious thing to have to hold in ones hand....and feel....days passing so fast with your loved one...slowing down to remember and cherish..i know thisa feeling so well...hmmm.......fantastic poem......keep writing.............................
wonderful poem and heart..for a love n the coming years and the same love which became a past...
Wonderful! Thank you for writing such a nice piece of your writing prowess! Keep up the good work dear friend!
good written, wonderful poem and passitonate, that is good of you, always keep u
What I'm about to say is truly 'From My Heart'. You are an amazing poet! Very nicely written, deep with a special meaninig. Love and compassion decorates the walls of this poem. A 10!
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