KR (August 5th 1989 / Toledo)

From My Heart

How could such a beautiful soul,
Be so missunderstood?
Dealing with family who mistreats you,
Dealing with more than you ever could.

I think of you so highly,
But you low self esteem believes,
All I'm doing is being nice,
But to you I can't decieve.

So hen you hear the bad things,
Simply block them out,
The good things are all that matter,
not your families doubt.

So when I say 'you're beautiful',
Or tell you that you're smart,
These words are not my spoken mind,
They come straight from my heart.

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Comments (1)

Hi Kiersten! I like this a lot! it's nice! Suggestion: check the spelling of 'misunderstood'...'But your low self esteem...' (check the your) ..Now, 'So 'hen'? ? did you mean 'when'...I hope so. It makes for a better read if you did! Nice work. LSP