From My Poems To Yours

Uniquely different, you and I
But, doing as we damn well please
We're products of intelligent design
No settling for mediocrity

Poetically inclined and wired to rhyme
Economy of word our specialty
United in our same frame of mind
On an airline of creativity

Brazen, bold and expression stone cold
Unabashed and self promoted
Sifting through thoughts for solid gold
My love poems served sugar coated

Unshrouded, outed and oxidized
Stripped of guilt and irrational fear
Unapologetic and diversified
Kings of our own atmosphere

Nothing off limits, every word fair play
From arousal to anticlimactic
Pesky emotions caught in the fray
Some subtle, others clearly emphatic

by Brian Dorn

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Comments (22)

From one person to another poetic expression differs. Love poems are just like scented flowers. This poem is very brilliantly penned. Airline of expression motivates mind....10
I love your honesty Brian Dorn. It shines through in all that you write - that you write so very well. This is another fine example of your unique art. Best to you. jim
This is my very favorite part of poetry..poems about poem writing. Very clever ideation here. Words seem to slip through effortlessly.
What a great poem Brian, so very true on all counts. Isn't it funny how when we read another's work we can see that there is part of what they've written in one of ours? Like there is a silent conversation between players... I think that's what you're conveying here. Nevertheless on any count this poem is just lovely. HG: -) xx
What you see from your window on the world is uniquely your own. But we are all united in the common cause of poetry. Very insightful and very wise. My applause for this one, Brian. Warm regards, Sandra
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