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From No One To Some One

I am not real
though you may think so.
Don’t be fooled.
I never was.

A semblance of humanity,
reflections evanescing,
I have no soul.

I am of myself and can only ever be so.
If I had a name I lost it long ago.

But sometimes,
In the half-light,
I forget, and dream
of possibilities.
Then waking, beg forgiveness.

by shel cope

Comments (4)

Who am I? You pen your paradox with economy and an intuitive awareness that shares what is not necessarily obvious. I like your style very much. Your poetry intrigues. I agree with Ulrike. Good to have found you. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I really like this poem! And I very much like the rest of your new poems! Keep on writing! It means something to people! U.
Interesting... yours always are though. Well executed! HG: -) xx
Shel, are you living in my head? It's a dark place indeed and you penned it with skilful precision. t x