Dog Eat Dog

Australia is known to all and sundry as
the lucky country.
As luck might have it this,
and seven other factoids
may well be true.

America, I shudder to present to you
as circumstances made it,
is known to all but to its own
as the dishonest country.

Down Under has its dingoes and a fence,
they hunt for rabbits little 'roos and handsome shrews.
Their common names do, as a rule make little sense,
no dingo ever would be caught as a recluse.

The land of Lincoln though has rules befitting fools,
they hunted buffalo and wiped the forests clean,
you find no bison and no boars, no Northern mules
it was ten years ago, they shot a wolverine.

Thus it is logical that, only to survive
they turned to food that was nutritious and at hand,
today the dogs will eat each other while alive
it's something wolves would never ever understand.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (18)

The perversity of freedom which never signs. Nicely written. Sylva-Onyema Uba
I love your simplicity within this poem. Thanks for sharing
Its resonance is free from all perversity.
I enjoyed the quip and skill in portaying the mood of one who reads it.
really liked this poem...I could identify with it completely...
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