Love Is A Beautiful Thing Ii

Love is a beautiful thing than war!
So educate yourself with the truth always and live in peace.

The Creator created us with love;
With the muse of nature and the ways of life before us!
Where true love plays a major role.

Life is love!
With peace to all;
Bringing joy to the hearts than the ways of war.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (19)

Lovely poem, I can easily identify myself with it, Thanks for sharing it.Congrats on being poet of the day! But your poem, All Distance, can't be found.
The perversity of freedom which never signs. Nicely written. Sylva-Onyema Uba
I love your simplicity within this poem. Thanks for sharing
Its resonance is free from all perversity.
I enjoyed the quip and skill in portaying the mood of one who reads it.
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