From One Of The Many Minds Trapped Inside The Box

Whatever happened to freedom?
I’m sure there were days when we used to free.
But we’re stuck inside
The four walls of the earth.
We only make it out when we’re dead,
If there is anything beyond the box.

Freedom always sounded nice.
They let us think we’re free,
But look at us now.
Trapped in our homes,
Our families,
Our work,
Our lives.

They get you first at school.
Brain wash the little ‘uns.
They get you to wear what they want,
Study what they want,
Do whatever they want.
Then they expect you to pick a career.
How that works is beyond me.

No prophet am I.
I cannot tell you how to break free.
I cannot tell you how to change it.
I can only tell you to live.
Live and do your best.
Because we’re never going to be free.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

Comments (3)

Hmmm.... particularly dissdent towards todays society, i agree and nod, but do not bow down..... good job! sebxx
A realization that alot of us miss... great job dont stop... lmeao thats basically all.... Bray-Vo lol melissa
thank you for this poem. good job. you might enjoy some of my work.