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From Rana To Rani
JR Jonathan ROBIN (22 September / London)

From Rana To Rani

My Rani say we two should play, share life on lily pad,
with well webbed nails, fly dinner pails, nought fails to make us glad.
While night and day I'll Rana play hip hop with tadpoles young,
air debonnaire while you croak fair, stick insects with slick tongue,

I always may your roundelay repeat in pond competing
I'll never stray from your side, stay, win fond completing
In stream or lake fair pair we'll make, a baritonal greeting
loves thirst shall slake and keep awake the countryside, minds meeting.

Each day I'll log on life's frog blog, on log or nenuphar,
When you are far, on shooting star, I wish to pool our power,
and splash in spa, in stream and tarn, flash through love's cinema,
spend every hour in misty shower, with you true bliss none mar.

My Rani, pray, please name the day we two on lily pad
may sultry air share free from care, our offspring never sad,
let bells be rung, your praise be sung, the marshy reeds among, -
be welcome, come, together strum as here my tale's well hung.

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