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From Stone To Sand

Over the years
a layer of stone has formed around my small heart
ever time someone hurt me
wronged me
lied to me
or every time I suffered
the layer would grow
it has become so thick
I now hold a black heart of stone
I know my real heart still beats with in it
but day by day it beats slower
how do I set it free
for the stone repels all happiness
all love
all joy
it swells from within with pain and suffering
how do I break through the stone
without breaking my heart within it
for I have became so cold
so dark
without my heart to warm me
with out love and happiness
I ache from within
the coldness from my stone heart
has started to freeze me from within
I am almost completely frozen
I am so cold
I do not know how much longer I can survive
my coldness drives all away
but I need them
I need them to help me break through the stone
for I can not do it alone
I need to find my true love
true happiness
only once
my true love touches my heart
will the stone turn to sand
leaving my heart free to love
free to feel
something besides
pain and suffering as it has for years
for with the sand
all the pain and suffering from my past will just wash away
never to return again
my heart will finally be warm

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