Purifying Passions

Passion is built
on the soul's intent
Formed by the focus
of the mind
Shaped with the heart
and it's beloved facets
The mere endeavors
sculpt the internal being
opening eyes
to the problematic
evil passions
dwelling in others
Push past
these fellows' faults
not with judgment
but a clarifying
made of pure passions
that are resolute
in the Perfecter's mind
Bringing light
to a darkened soul
is the basis
of true passion
that ought to
burn with zeal
in the heart
of the lovers of the Lamb
So burn on
avid adventures
with not your own
but God's will
lifting your chins
one by one

by Trevor Schulte

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..............so many questions....so little time.....
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out 
For Pablo, my share Slaying Dry and yellow the gramophone tongue I slide into a flood of rubble blue and snoring the clouds ask for a little sunshine in a coffee full of holes punched by sugar written in long lost sentences of rain quivering in sleep I endorse a room less wall full of stigma written selling a mountain to an elevator full of roses fresh from branches slaying another epic Nikhil Nath
LOL..Absolutely funny to the bone of the chin...: >) it(
pablo, my share; tell me is the world ooking at me through the lenses in my eyes or am i looking at the world through his lenses is he controlling me or the other way round do i have more control over this body or him what if the world suddenly let go of its pull
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