All Men To Me Are God-Like Gods!

All men to me are god-like Gods!
My eyes no longer see
vice or fault.

Life on this suffering earth
is now endless delight;
the heart at rest, full,

In the mirror, the face and its reflection --
they watch each other;
different, but one.

And, when the stream pours into the ocean...
no more stream!

by Sant Tukaram

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Awesome I like this poem, check mine out 
For Pablo, my share Slaying Dry and yellow the gramophone tongue I slide into a flood of rubble blue and snoring the clouds ask for a little sunshine in a coffee full of holes punched by sugar written in long lost sentences of rain quivering in sleep I endorse a room less wall full of stigma written selling a mountain to an elevator full of roses fresh from branches slaying another epic Nikhil Nath
LOL..Absolutely funny to the bone of the chin...: >) it(
pablo, my share; tell me is the world ooking at me through the lenses in my eyes or am i looking at the world through his lenses is he controlling me or the other way round do i have more control over this body or him what if the world suddenly let go of its pull
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