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From The Bottom Of My Heart

Honey I'm sorry for everything the past 2 days
I know its been a bit of a disaster
But one I hope we can overcome and master
I truly believe that our love will win through
I have to keep hoping because I feel so blue
And I know on some level you must be feeling it too

I'm sorry that my voice sometimes gets too loud
I'm know that you are so stubbornly proud
I wish I'd never said the wrong thing
Happiness to you is all I want to bring
Tears and sadness are all I feel now
I want you to tell me we will be fine again and how

If we had just sorted it out when it occurred
Then this whole situation would not have stirred
Life and love is too short to have this kind of struggle
Can we not sort this out with a discussion and big cuddle?
I'm sorry please forgive me.

Copyright Kelster January 2006©

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Good job on this one too. Keep up the good work