MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! From The Chinese Perhaps

This winter day
the wind is making ripples
even between the stones at the water's edge
and the mist almost hides the tops
of the mountains

only I am listening to the heron's cry

I brought my brush and pen and paper and ink block
but there is no poem here;
Nature is hiding her secrets today
like a silent woman in her winter coat.

I could write how last summer
we stood here laughing together
at the reflection of the moon
trembling in our bowls of rice wine
while the candles drifted down the river
in their paper boats

like this memory

but I shall walk back now
through the winter woods
where the thin trees
are secretly, secretly
preparing for Spring.

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Comments (4)

Another magical place brought to life, another piece of utmost attraction. Fay.
Beautifully poised homage to Chinese poetry. Delicately exhalts the ephemeral.
i have liked this poem for a long time since i first read it and have had it saved in my favourites for a very long time, i noticed today the title has changed with a perhaps tagged on the end but i don't think the poem has changed. an effortlessly fine poem.
I like the quiet serenity of this poem very much. You've got a good eye.