From The Confines Of My Sleepy Mind

The sky will cry the saddest tears
Is there no way to repent
And hide all my inequities?
They are mine here
And a part of me.
In this forsaken state of self.
God save me from my mind
It keeps me thinking all the time
That I am here and I'm alone.
Both surrounded by people
And surrounded by me
I am all that I pretend to be.
It is you my Love and light
That I have yet the chance to sight.
So for tonight sleep tight and hold my hand
In darkness
That true Love may find us in
The sweet dreams of promises
I make myself.
For night is my Mistress
And you are my Lord
In this bitter sweet union
The two of us have yet to meet.
I give you Life through my words
Meaning through my sighs.
The grey of doubt should never brush my eyes.
For I believe that though I am alone
In my island by the Sea
Has never been my forte.
Only lies can save me from myself
In this state of dead night
For I will cry till it is day
And another dream can hold me.

by Tabitha Castillo

Comments (4)

very intriguing and meaningful................keep going
A sorrowful state of being by which to live. Bravely described as it must be lived bravely as well. GW62
Beautiful imagery from a sleepy mind...nice write...Coach
A very expressive and beautiful poem.10 from me.