VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

From The Corner Of My Eye

For whence she came, to a moment’s vision, surpassed
An all too familiar figure, for which she couldn’t last
Shudder, the reality of her passing again, in my mind
Something so terrible, yet I fear this moment is unkind

I know the recalling of the time, when I held your hand
Before a dying breath sealed this fate, like water on sand
A lover’s final kiss before the return back to mourning
Ethereal whispers for to me, the image that was conjuring

I turn my head towards you, the vanishing of you again
Something so powerful, hath torn through me in pain
The needing for, the holding of your, body once more
The hunger for the food, I am forbidden in human law

Hear her voice in my dreaming, spectral of imagination
As I cannot relate, to the timelessness, of this apparition
So constant yet so far, from the comprehension of man
Is it you that is there? Or the trickery of a mind that can

Much left to fathom, in amongst this discordant despair
To my heart in which the haemorrhaging, shall not repair
Piece of soul that she took with her, on her journeys end
She travels the next realm, something I cannot comprehend

For the piece she took from, be the dark figure of my eye
As for her silhouette of her ghost, treasured part of my sky
But to look toward you, only for the disappearing of her
Carillon of her voice, in my memories that I, just decipher

Sunsets, as the full moon is rising to this eternal balance
Each moment continues, to the thrust of my tendered stance
Something so magical, in her unfelt and invisible embrace
Somewhere in her waiting, she has tied my heart, with lace

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