WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

From The Cradle

You are our savior
Divine holy warrior
You gave your life to set mine free
Emanuel of the trinity
Holy redeemer glorious father
Unto you we sing words of praise
From now on till the end of days

Your arms were open wide
A sword pierced your side
Rejected by your own
Placed behind a stone
Your birth anticipated
Through waters you waded
3 days you laid
What a price you paid

Born in a cradle
You were young yet not able
Conception predicted
The heavens had depicted
Here on earth you shall reign
You took away all our pain
By the river baptized
Worshiped and idolized

Delivered from virginity
You came to save humanity
Love was your ministry
Of your holy divinity
Master of the trinity
Two thousand years approximately
For sins you took responsibility
Sacrificed ultimately

Thirty pieces of silver
For damnation forever
What's the use of silver and gold
Just to lose your own soul
The wages of sin is death
The gift of god is internal life
Live in the spirit and forget the strife

Gates open by saint Gabriel
I've got my seat at your table
No more disparity
There I'll dwell for eternity
Freed from mortal slavery
You are my delivery
These words you should underscore
Paradise I've been longing for

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