Sonnet: My Father

A man with ‘brains’ such, seldom have I seen!
A man sincere and honest to the core;
A man hard-working who had always been;
A man who helped but ill-will never bore.

A man so learned yet, did not have pride;
A man who feared the Lord and lived for Him;
A man so poor, no scooter did he drive;
A man who fought his life’s battles so grim.

A man who kept all thoughts of sin off mind;
A man who fought for social justice’s cause;
A man to principles good, he did bind;
A man who considered no man, his boss!

He lived a simple life for mankind’s cause;
Such was the kind of person, my dad was!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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One step in the gym!
Get on The Wall and stop messing with miguel
Meek people cannot be taken as cheap and mean indeed! They bear all pains in dark and are much more tolerant than all others!
so good, it seems to me he's under-appreciated
so good, it seems to me he's under-appreciated
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