From The Darkness

From The Darkness

From the darkness of the woods
You came,
A distant mirage to my tired
Old eyes,
From the first time you
Appeared to me, I knew…

You didn’t come for my soul,
You came to take the last good in me,
My heart;

Somewhere in my childhood
I felt my soul die,
They told me,
Your heart is in the right place,
It is full of good, full of warmth,
But there is something,
Something very dark about you,
A good heart, yet a dark soul;

From the darkness you came,
No longer a mirage,
Though a fearful reality now;

The very last pure beauty
Left in me,
The very last human trait
I have,
You’ve come to take it;

I’ve lived my life in hiding,
Trying to hide the truth
From you;

They say you can run,
You can hide,
Try to keep your secrets,
But sooner than later,
It’ll find you,
Corner you,
And uncover all your secrets;

I managed to cheat the
Ghost of Jealousy,
Follow and find faith,
But I failed at
Cheating you…

I was given the chance,
I was given the time,
To give my heart away,
Away from your dark grip,
And into trustworthy
Warm hands;

From sunrise to sundown,
I called out,
But in vain,
Nobody heard me,
Nobody came to save
My heart;

Now running against time,
Trying to cheat you
Out of taking my inner
I run into the darkness
In hope of finding

I run with faith beside me,
Faith in that an angel will trip me into her
An angel who will take
My heart, and not give it
An angel who will caress it,
Keep it warm,
An angel who will love
My heart, Me,
An angel who will keep
Me pure,
An angel who won’t let
My dark soul take control;

From the darkness you
Came Angelus Nex,
And into the darkness
I ran from you;
Where this run
And search will end
I do not know;

From the darkness you came,
And now I run through it,
In the hope of running
Into the light.

by Dima Lazarev

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A very deep, thought provoking write, well penned and poignant! Full of imagery and depth which shows your great talent! Keep it up! Food for thought you are delivering here! thanks for sharing with us (The world) ! 10+++ Love and Peace for always!