From The Diary Of The Loyal Friend

So I've been told that I am a great, awesome,
smart, weird, helpful & trustworthy friend.
I've been given a lot of great compliments,
& I doubt none.
But one does not know what it took from me to be that great, helpful & trustworthy friend.
And one shall never understand...

I sacrifice and done many things for me to be that friend.
Of course, it took courage and time to sit and hear what people have to tell me
& I love that, when friends share their feelings with me and I help them.
They always think I'm so optimistic and always happy for everything,
that I don't judge or take side & that I'll always be there.
Now always being there is the problem.

I think I've had enough.
I've loaded too many bricks on my back & I can't take it.
Too much is expected of me, too much people counting on me.
I've got too many people to care for, and too little to care for me.
All that they want is my understanding, my help & advice or my sympathy,
& then they classify me as the greatest friend ever.
But what about me?

What about my troubles and worries?
& what about my feelings and thoughts?
Do any of them care? Is any one willing to take that chance?

- Am I really gonna sit here and say that I'm gonna quit on my friends?

July 09,09

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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