From 'The Double' Xc

So they married on May 1,1984, to the delight of all, and spent two weeks at Playa Esmerelda, where they encountered no mosquitoes at all. Scandalously, they slept late, ate much and went to bed early. It was perfect in every way, and they enjoyed themselves richly. Finally, the time came to go. On return, they settled into the house on Calle Las Pinas. Miggi began to see patients in the hills around the city and Miriam practiced doing little. Every Sunday, they joined her parents for dinner. Sometimes, after dinner, Miggi entertained his father-in-law with mildly off-color jokes- the threads broken by chuckles- and the older man laughed (he could never decide why- jokes bored him) as if he never heard anything so droll. They were the kind of joke a younger man tells an older to revive his memory for things the way they were, so he could forget again with relief everything he remembered. Listening to his flexible baritone, he decided it was the way his son-in-law told a story that was funny, not the story itself. Miggi was a superb mimic, excellent at dialog. The General was almost always charmed. Smoking an after-dinner cigar, he'd abandon his usual reserve and laugh out loud. He was fond of Miggi and wanted to keep him content. Miriam liked it when her father laughed. They benefited from his generosity far more than her younger sister who married first- whose husband was an engineer...

by Morgan Michaels

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