From The First Sight

Love from the first sight:
Is it reality?
You feel something unusual bright,
And don't listen to mentality.

Love from the first sight:
Is it reality?
You like only the picture in the dreamy light,
And you can fall in falsity.

Fantasy love, what can be more painful?
Fantasy love is really emotional fight,
What can be more wailful?
To fly and burn with blinding light.

Just wait for words and actions,
Just be yourself and do it right,
Life gives us useful actions,
How from the cruel feelings survive.

Just wait and think about the person,
Forget the image absolutely,
Life gives us the painful lesson,
And be kind to others and politely.

Love from the first sight:
I don't believe in this,
Love is the strongest might.
Is she in the air? - Yes, she is.

by Daria Diuzhakova

Comments (2)

thanks for sharng your nice lines, Daria. Have a bright 2015
Love at first sight is just a vain glorification of beauty. A lovely poem well articulated and written with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read and rate my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.