From The Floating Stage

To the unsealed minds He does open,
The mysteries, removes fog of doubts,
And places He on the vantage landings,
Where from observe the awakening eyes,
The sights unknown to the minds carnal.

It was a dream or a vision of reality,
The wise may decide who have authority,
Sitting upon the edge of a stage,
Very small floating into the spaces,
Got I a chance to look down beneath,
Bottomless abyss was enough to break,
The brittle hearts at the very first glance;
Saw nothing else but endless depths,
Stretching down, down deep down,
The blue spaces as we do see above,
Merged into dark down beneath,
A few stars shone deep far below,
As lights do glow when fog prevails,
The horror lest should I slip down,
Brought dews on the pale forehead.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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