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From The Heart
LP (Feburary 4th of 1987. / lake city, Fl)

From The Heart

Poem By Loran paraday

I wrote that letter from my heart,
And after, I thought we'd never part,
But in order to part, we needed to be together, which was
Never because you never responded to my letter.
The two years feelings for you were put in that letter
But nothing was between us, it didn't make anything better.
Writing that letter gave me fears
Of what you might not or do, but it lead to tear
Why did you make me scared to be around you
Is beyond me, but I was really afraid though.
You acted like nothing, like it was all cool,
But it wasn't and I felt like a fool.
Thinking of it now, brings me to tears to my eys.
but as I grow further apart from you. it will near
The time when you will love me back but
It will be too late, for my love you had you'll now forever lack.
So take this as a warning now,
For my love is true at this very moment
we can work as a team and get it going but no,
you'll wake up one morning And wish that my lost love for you was all a dream.

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