LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

From The Heart

I send this message from the heart
To all who question love's intent
It's only when we begin to start
To question what the other meant
That trust and caring suffer much
Why can't we just accept the gift
And not dissect the tender touch
Or through the feelings start to sift
And pick apart each little word
Until the true intent is lost
Then question what we really heard?
Love is given from the soul
By those who care for us the most
So just believe and question not
This message from the heart.

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Comments (9)

Insecurity is destructive of love; trying to mould others to suit ourselves is destructive of it; it's to be felt/experienced, not analysed. I accept all of this Linda, and won't dare to start thinking about it too much - except in the manner you advocate! More solid wisdom from your prolific pen. xx jim
Linda, this is a beautiful poem which a simple, yet powerful message. I recall many years ago, a dear friend who at 50 was diagnosed with terminal cancer, used to say 'Life is such a gift. Don't look a gifthorse in the mouth.' And so too it is with love. Thanks. Alison
Linda, a very insightful poem... we do tend to over think things, especially when emotions are involved. Extremely well done! ! Brian
Certainly a very rare gift from the heart.................a durable but delicate?
Straight as cupids arrow, In todays world we question too much and trust little.
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