From The Heavens

Poem By David odhiambo

'From the heavens'
In peace I lie, and so I walk
Above the dry lands, past the seven seas
Beyond the tall buildings, and little mud houses
Deep in the skies, my soul rests.
Cry not, for I am gone
Your eyes, though they search
Not a glimpse, of my shadow, you shall see
But in your heart, forever I live.
Love me more, not more than you
Let your heart, with me in mind
Love another, beyond our love
That in me, still blossoms.
Show love, and kindness, and respect
To all, whose flesh and bones, talk and walk
For they too, in silence, grieve their lose.
Death, though painful, takes not love
Nor a smile, nor happiness
But body.
Take heart, for I too, amidst the angels
Your presence, I yearn.

Comments about From The Heavens

I appreciate the comments.
Well expressed. Thanks for sharing
A poem with a love in which dignity is attached to it, very good writing!
Show love to all mankind and, live in peace. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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