SB (23-12-1965 / KOLKATA)

From The High Altitude

Yes let's not forget our rhythm darling!
Last night you were too stiff to ride.
I think of it with wonder all along my life
Why stillness often engulf us?

Locked in some wayward dreams
May sometime defuses our rhythm
May sometimes reduces us into just a theory
May sometimes defines us as a habitual trait.

Time is here always striking new seconds
Always paving new minutes
For welcoming the new hour to blink a new day.
Come on darling let's paint our day with new shades, new colours.

Last night you were to stiff to ride darling.
Our altitude was too high to rhythm in the right tune
Our altitudel was too high to fathom deep inside your womb
Our altitude was too high to waltz in union.

Last night we lost the way darling
Last night we forgot to see in our eyes
Last night we was locked in darkness, in our blind belief
Sex is just an organism, but sex requires souls to feel.

From our high altitude we often feel
Everything should follow us
Follow our whims. But life talks along the history of the universe
For our soul to perform always. In union with love.

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A song of slight disappointment over a failure in consummating your love into a gratifying relationship! A candid expression and a resolve to perform better! Enjoyed it! Thanks for the nice comment! !