From The Inside Out

I had never loved from the inside out,
always seen the outer shell.
I didn't care to see what it was all about,
never caring what their soul could tell.

Once I looked upon the face of a young man,
and fell in love with his handsome smile.
And watched it leave like a handful of sand,
that washes away with the tide across the miles.

Always wondered how the blind could love,
never seeing the one they touched.
It was me that was blind of a love sent from above,
A love felt from the soul, I had never loved that much.

Then I found you, a man I have never met or seen,
had never touched like most lovers do.
A love felt from the heart and soul as in a dream,
A love that has touched me like none other before you.

Now I know just how the blind see,
I understand now what it is all about.
And I know now what its like to be...
loved from the inside out.

by Kristin Nicole RothDavis

Comments (3)

WONDERFUL! I so enjoy this piece. The title is beautiful. You have a great mind. Patricia
a very expresive and powerfully written peice,
kristen...very nice poem...heartfelt& passioned... ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''~f. j. r.~''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''