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From The La Louve Et L'Autour Collection
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

From The La Louve Et L'Autour Collection

....and while he was resting his
tired head on her belly,
having his feathers ruffled
ever so gently Hawk was
distinctly aware of three things:
And in the innermost privacy of
his being he said it out loud,
so only he, himself was able to hear it:
'She feels so soft, she tastes heavenly
and her scent is divine'.
Then he looked up and started
pinching himself hard, all the while
continuing the batting of the eyelashes.
And La Louve just smiled softly,
the smile of the She Wolf in love.

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I enjoyed it Herbert...Good write.
I thought this was so nice. I really enjoyed it. Sincerely, Mary