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From The Man In Despair
AH (15/05/19XX / Bangladesh)

From The Man In Despair

Here I sit in my lair;
In the company of gloom and despair,
In the fear of life for it will always alter,
In the fear of others for they will eventually falter

The fear of death has kept my heart beating,
But will the fear of life be the cause of those beats ceasing?
Will I live to see another mundane day?
Or will I die and go the heavenly way?

I have seen others and felt my life misused,
Seen others and felt my talents disused;
Felt the grains of time falling,
And yet not found my calling.

I have felt as though I could die
And no one would even sigh.
Felt my hands fall away from glory,
Felt that no one will tell my story.

I have felt all this and more,
And it has left my heart quite sore;
But I am what I am and nothing less,
And it shall be mine; that which you call success.

For here I call to witness all in the heavens and on earth
And all who have known me since birth
And I say “I shall live on,
Even if all else is gone”.

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