From The Pulpit To The Pew

Fill us with your power Lord, from the pulpit to the pew,
Reach down and touch all of those whom you foreknew.

Move back into our hearts Lord and push all our wills aside,
Allow The Spirit to take over, as He's the One who lives inside.

Thank you for The Holy Spirit Lord, who you sent down from above,
Let Him speak to our hearts about Christ's compassion and His Love.

Please Lord, as a church put us back on that narrow but right track,
And forgive us for knowing so much, while we simply turn our back.

The power to change everyone is in The Word and in your name,
We need to share The Word, as many are ignorant of God, to our shame.

Please change our shame into examples, like those you once did send,
Help us to reach out with boldness Lord, to our family and a friend.

You saved us for this purpose Lord, at the moment of our salvation,
To go out and preach The Gospel to every person, tribe, and nation.

The early church made such an impact with this single state of mind,
Christ's return was so real; they dare not leave anyone left behind.

Please wake us out of our slumber, for a world that's truly in need,
For His coming is now nearer then when we first heard and believed.

So please reach down and touch us Lord, all whom you foreknew.
We need your power for this purpose Lord, from the pulpit to the pew.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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