Death - Shed A Tear

One cold dark lonely night in the day’s early hour
We went to Strathmont Centre for Coronial power
One of residents there had passed on
Gone in his sleep he hadn’t suffered long
We did all the things required by the law
The resident nurse could have done no more

When it was at an end and we loaded the van
The nurse shed a tear for that handicapped man
You see to others his life was not worth such a lot
He had Downs Syndrome and simply living life’s plot
But sometimes it seems to me that what counts in the end
To see grief in your passing from one who is counted as a friend

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

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From the Roof by Denise Levertov This wild night, gathering the washing as if it were flowers animal vines twisting over the line and slapping my face lightly, soundless merriment in the gesticulations of shirtsleeves, I recall out of my joy a night of misery
The river lights life with clean air and shining effect. An interesting poem is very beautifully penned. This is very thoughtful...10
I think the special charm of the poem lies in the smoothness of transition and pause in the lines. It really controls the flow of English!
The narrative captures the feel and sentiments attached with a lovely new place of living. It may take some time before one gets used to it. Till then it would be 'walking with you but so far from you'. Thanks.
Such an interesting poem by Denise Levertov👍👍👍