Yes, you are there
Everybody know your presence
Presence which Is need of the hour
Hour which never reaches in time.

Time is valuable ornament
Every one want ornament in their possession
Possession require certain virtues'
Virtues and moral are hand in glove.

Only virtues and morality is our hope
These two are medium can give us ornament
Ornament which give us peace of mind
And build bond of trust.

Poor never get justice
They only get date after date
Morality and virtues
once judges of our country wear these ornament.
we can dream A bright and prosperous country is in the making
hope this will happen one day.

by Ajay Srivastava

Comments (4)

Very interesting poem. How beautifully narrated the flying of birds in such adversities of nature and the poet sees the flying as glories of chance and hazards of death a great imagination. This is a marvelous poem.
Interesting, I would say. Haven't each of us - at one time or another - sat in a beautiful place - alone - devoid of other soul's, and watched a bird glide in the steep winds? I have. Many times. I can't think of a more beautiful way to express such an encounter. I think that is the magic of Mr. Sandburg - his ability to reach into the reader and find commonality - and then enhance it by transferring the mundane into great wonder.
He chose nice descriptive words: Alone in the shadows and grandeurs and tumults, rapture of flight, eager and palpitant wings The only thing that really, really bothers me about modern poetry is that the poets don't rhyme. That's just personal preference. I think a poem flows so much better when the lines rhyme. This poem got a 6.2 with 75 votes. With his beautiful, descriptive words if he'd have made this rhyme I think the score would be much higher! What do modern poets have against rhyming anyway? ?
Magnificent imagery; painted complete scene of chance, love, death, eagerness... Wonderful!