(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

From The Watchful Eyes Of God

My advice?
I am not one to give it.
Since it is not my expertise.

But I will offer a suggestion,
I hope you do not question!
Since it is my observation.

Anyone making decisions to select someone,
To become prey of slander being done.
With character assassinations...
To defame with false accusations.
Hoping to impede worthy deeds,
With an unconscious evilness that succeeds.
Should evaluate the depth and permanence,
Of the circumstances...
Once implemented they can not circumvent,
With calls of forgiveness a regretful mind...
In time,
Will not let one forget!

Some folks will pretend,
Such actions against them does not offend.
Those who are victimized,
Are never far away...
From the watchful eyes of God!
And He, She or It will not legitimize these actions,
By ignoring them as innocent fits of fancy.
No matter how deep a deceit of cloaking goes!

Something will be done,
To affect the lives of those who choose darkness
To impose...
Such sinister actions dressed,
Masquerading in pious clothes.
Disguised as sheep...
Baring fangs of demons to wolf,
Under choral robes!
Their souls are not veiled at all!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Strong, truthful, somewhat prophetic statement. Very well stated -10- thanks Richard