DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

From The Waterfall Begins The Unfurling

Deep inside a waterfall,
Far away cascading of the edge of the earth
I hear the echoes of the solar system call
Underwater we thoughts can breath
Far away they were made in a sea, just like me
I stare far away straight into the sky
The solar system fits in your eye
A place where you can die be never be dead
Dreams of space in my head,
Its everything and anything; Christ its paradise

Changes start in the heart,
Yes these pressure when it rains on salty cheeks,
Dry the eyes with cosmic dust
And you will see everything anything which you seek
Let go of the earth and in trust in the universe dreams are made on solar winds
Eternal travel of dreams and single beats
Every time you’re heart scars and the view is blue
Look skywards and know your dreams are there sitting like you in a stare

Reach out and grab a star I would say
But it already resides in you, starlight with every move and breath
You can be a queen a king everything,
But the light is extinguished when you follow the dreams that others think
Psychic changes explode in the heart entertain
For this is the spark that makes us so differently the same

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