From The Windows Of Our Eyes

The view from the windows of our eyes
Differ from many others, we must realize.

Darkness for some spells seasons of loss,
But others find Challenge there for their cause.

Bright days are merry, but these too will pass.
Not all days are sunny, problems come en masse.

It is how we view life that marks well our future,
It is how we treat trials that help us to endure.

How we process views make up who we are,
We create ourselves with them, we mold or mar.

Yet each day's a step closer to the journey's end,
A destined fate that none of us can amend.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~12.26.17

by Cynthia BuhainBaello

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Comments (3)

Your wisdom is seen in your poem profound The way you expressed it had us all spellbound Whichever path we take to decide our fate Strive to leave a trail of love, but never hate Thank you for this lovely poem.
It is all in the eyes! Beautiful poem!
Such a very good didactic poem👍👍👍