From Then Till Then

A sad life it really is
Looking around and all I see is grey
Past…hmm…all grey…
Let out a sigh
Shake the head
Can I take much of it, I ask myself

A burning pain I feel inside
Look to the side, try to ignore
Ha, how I wish
It’s with me I can’t ignore
Close my eyes try to relax
There it is again but more intense
The pain is focused
It’s coming up and I taste it.

For days, weeks, months and years
Felt it all but kept it all
Like a volcano, I built it up
Dormant now, but for how long

The pain inside, the tears behind
All held back but for how long
“I’m okay”, with a smile I say most times
But you don’t have to know, it wasn’t your fault

With every heart beat I ask myself
“How long till silence dawns...? ”

by Obaro Useh

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