KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

From Time To Time

From time to time we see ourselves for what we really are, not allowing others to view us for anything less then perfect.

When our eyes are closed, we cannot see the beauty that we possess, a kind heart that is overpowering to the soul, the thoughtfulness that is charmed with a kiss of beauty, and not to be seen from the naked eye.

From time to time we are blinded from the views of others we allow ourselves to see only what they see, not opening the mind to a flight that is untouchable, untamable but truly free. Uncovering all of one self, looking in the mirror and loving who is looking back, to be in a state of me and from time to time realize I truly love me.

From time to time we can see ourselves in the good deed of others, with just one wipe we know we have been kissed with the blessing of God’s tender touch. What a thrill that must be to enjoy one’s self without looking at the negative side of our true being.

From time to time I picture myself being just like you, though all the while you are picturing yourself being just like me.

From time to time I realize there will never be one like ME and at that point I know I truly love me.

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