From Today, Through Every Tomorrow

Poem By Lynn Grassette

I think I've been in love with you
Since the dawn of love first bloomed
For as long as the wind has whispered words;
Conversing with the moon

I think I'll stay in love with you
For the sake of morning dew
That glimmers, gleams, and glistens bright;
Reminding me of you

I think I’ll be in love with you
Even when it's not brand new
From today, through every tomorrow
Till it's time to say adieu

Comments about From Today, Through Every Tomorrow

This is a very romantic piece with a lyrical flow to it which is most appealing. I agree with Jim about the first stanza - it could almost stand alone. If you leave out the word 'hence' in the second stanze it would scan better. Your work is really flowering, Lin. love, Allie xxxx
What a beauty! The first stanza is especially good, as Jim says, but the whole poem is a work of art. In fact I'm going to add it to my favs, it's so lovely, want to read it again! HG: -) xx
...till it's time to say adieu? That's a long, long way off Linley
Ah Lin, there are some truly beautiful lines here. The first stanza especially is excellent. You set the bar very high there! ! This shows further signs of progress. This is one to keep plugging away at here and there, as it has tremendous potential - if you could lift stanzas 2 and 3 to the same level as 1 - 3 is very fine as it is - you would have a cracking poem, that would stand alongside anyone's - and leave all of mine standing for sure! ! ! You have what it takes young lady. There is no doubt. You've just got to keep working away at it, building up your knowledge, widening your reading, developing the craft and opening up the mind. But you are well on your way. Loved this. jim

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