(1958 / )

From Trance Notebook #2 [nerdy questions about exact pitch]

sell me a clip-on
bow-tie or a mock
fringe chapeau worn on
the collarbone—a
new style of 'shoulder
hat,' a cape to
protect your shoulders
from rain and chill and
to prevent the wearer
from sliding (like
Mickey Mantle) into
a third gender

now I've
reached the 'clinker' zone
of perforated opportunities

—perforated appurtenances

but then Edith Piaf
suddenly thrilled me

a newly
discovered Venezuela, a

a rendre compte,
a liar on the corner
(thirsty corner) of
23rd and 9th, a gazelle,
a rendezvous chapel

(a chaplet of
daisies around my
pleurisy brow) —

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