From Up Here

From up here i see a city,
a infinite plain of silence and light,
lying before my eyes like a unrevealed treasure.
im lonely, very lonely, lost in my incertainty,
incomprehensible in my lonelyness.
the lights from the city below tell me to break loose,
to wander through they're streets fearless,
without a care in the whole world.
but i can't, my wings have been so denied.

Im losing control, stuck deep down in this hole.
pain and despair have teared out my skin so bad.
from up here i see no angels, i see myself,
hopeless and bored, wishing and waiting for something new.
i can hardly take a single breath, suffocated and powerless.
i just wish i was the king of this world and the next one.

by André Lopes

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You are indeed an angel...................!