I Am Queen To My King

Do you have any idea how you make me feel,
Crazy but true though always will......
Be in love with an opposite creature.....
That is sweet but yet bitter,
Full of memories that are ingraved
Forever framed dipped in pain and.....
Left to the heart to be crippled.

Trying my best to love unconditionally
Giving and less taking showing I care greatly.
Perhaps I am the one to bring upon an evolution.
Special enough to have him view a revelation.
Leaving is not an option,
I began to feel a close bond like a relation.......

Ship cannot sail without me,
I must be on board to steer,
And comfort my KING through all
That seems not at all to be clear.

His woman.......
His rock......

by Brandi Cuff

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.......very nicely documented ★