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From Which I Stand
TD (June,30th 1984 / Keller, Texas)

From Which I Stand

One axle of all creations.
No missing degrees and or angles.
Only one bolt from which it stands, all created by one hand.

Quick as quick as quick sand can be, demon souls run from me.
Never do I wonder why they're scared of me, for they know of one and I worship three.

The Son, the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, all known coast to coast.
This we know cause seven religions show, and the world is proof we're running low.

I'm talking about the time, the time to shine.
Forgiving with love thats behind the grim and grime.
Chosen ones know the hour is prime.
His words are to be spoken not to undermine.

You're not obsurd, but you'll be called a fool.
His words promise is invincible.

This land is your land, this land is my land, you hear what I speak and from which I stand.

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