From Wishes To Kisses!

Along life's journey, love drew near and led me by the hand
And whispered dreams into my ear as we crossed 'Wonderland'.
Love played soft music meant to soothe such that I felt no fear
As if my soul mate could improve my life if she were here.
Then loneliness and pining came as if to reinforce
The need for her, to stake my claim, as if it were fate's course.
Then destiny chose prophecy to overcome my doubt.
I thought, 'Love's got it in for me! ' There seemed like no way out!
Reality tried sabotage but fantasy returned
And brought a mighty entourage, persuaders I'd once spurned.
'OK, I give! I'll fall in love! I'll do the best I can!
I'll even pray to God above like every other man!
Don't care how long I wait for her, whoever she may be!
As long as true love starts to stir and she, in turn, loves me!
I know they say no guarantees, just promises, that's all...
Yet grant me kisses meant to please and cuddles that enthrall...
If not, I'd rather live alone, unloved until I die...
To leave this world as ghosts that groan, lamenting, Why, Lord, why? '

by Denis Martindale

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