From You This Is Kept Secret

The dollar bill is worthless.
Why are you the last one,
On Earth to know this?
Why are you protected,
By such obvious lies?
And the truth comes as pain,
And kept from it...
There's nothing left for you to gain.

Is it because your fantasies are enforced?
And your delusions are encouraged...
To delay this course of certain divorce?
Hoping addictions aided and supplied...
Will cushion the fall of every belief you hold,
Although they are going to crumble and soon die!

Everyone who sees this is real and comes...
Wonder why,
This truth stares!
And you are prepared from it to run,
It is over and done.
But from you this is kept secret!
From you this truth is denied!

Even your racists antics fed,
Will not dry a tear you cry!
Or soften the blows of increased,
But weakened alibis.
And this is being watched,
By those with opened eyes...
Who see you are quick to self destruct,
With standards and values sinking you deeper...
Into a darkened hole that sucks you up!
While you are determined,
To save your exposed and naked butt!

Perhaps one reason you have not been told...
Is to keep your point of view,
Believing you are powerful, valiant and bold!
And if that wasn't done...
There would be no reason,
To feed you fears of enemies...
To overpower with pretense,
With a sense of hollow victories!
And shallow accomplishments won!

'How long is this...
Slow withdrawal going to exist? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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