From Your Arms

From your arms
I can’t bear to be parted,
Why can’t we stop?
Why did we start it?

I want you to hold me,
To never let go,
Pressing against your chest,
Letting feelings overflow.

Stroking my hair
Then touching my skin,
My mind going crazy,
My heads’ in a spin.

I sit here and long
For a whole night with you,
But circumstances forbid
My wish to come true.

How I desire
To wake up and see,
Your beautiful body,
Lying right next to me.

Why am I waiting
For an impossible dream?
Hoping and wanting,
Something so extreme.

Its ridiculous I know
To keep this charade up,
I should have the strength
To say ‘Lets break up.’

It simply isn’t easy
Since when I look at your face,
Your mouth enchants me,
I need your embrace.

I should have courage
To stand up and be strong,
To tell you these meetings,
Just can’t carry on.

How can I do this
When my mind doesn’t agree?
To let this go,
To set us both free?

I need your help Lord
I’m not sure what to do,
Therefore I’m placing my trust
Fully, within you.

by Camille MKMM

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