From Your Eyes...

Poem By Gencay

not with my body with your lumps
Tap the notes
Massage me with the music
Because my soul hurts.
I'm looking at the tip of the telescope
I see your eyes far away
Your eyes have become the universe
Is the universe round or flat?
In both vertical and horizontal sense?
So is your eyes finite?
Or are we beyond, without?
I can't understand from your eyes.

I'm looking for a new temperament
I want a new nation
I want a new language, alphabet
From your eyes.

I want a new faith
I want to worship your eyes
I want a new soul
From your eyes.

I want a new body and a future
I want a new life
A new happiness, we are beyond and without
From your eyes.

I want a new hope
A new chance could change everything
I want a new eye
From your eyes.

Far there at the end of my telescope
You are watching me, I am you
Offer good to my poor heart
Light, color, sound and brand new all
Present me things like that
From your eyes.

Be my lover
Wouldn't it?
Look, I believe
You know every night every day
The mindful that I watched
From your eyes.

Also my name is Gencay
My name is undeniable in your country
Your country is the universe
They named the planet ours
But your name isn't the planet though
I only know your name
Who keeps looking at me
From your eyes.

Isn't there any representation?
Your justice, goodness, love
In a country out there?
We can live there
We are both
My name is Genc'Ay
Yours is the Young Year
It can be lived as Hayyam said
So darling
"A lover like a moon, a night like a year..."
I think it would be nice
Well you think?
Decide, let me understand
From your eyes.

Oh friends
I'm in love with a planet...
That is watching me somewhere far away
In undiscovered colors
That I observe you watching me
From your eyes.

I would like to write new poems
New and eternal
One that I love for you
To get my inspiration only and only
From your eyes.
You loved one
I will be sorry for you
I'll burn you
You will freeze
You are the subject
You saz
You promise...

They tell you
I say I will come and my past
You got old there without me
I'm close to you as a picture
Although I can reach it in 13 thousand years
With the speed of light
I will come if you say come
I take strength, I don't stop, I walk
From your eyes.

These places are no longer livable
Give me a new life
A new me
From your eyes.

My future is in the skies
And in his eyes...

(Addressed to the planet Methuselah...)

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